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AMD’s New RX 590 Unambiguously Beats the GTX 1060

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Researchers Create ‘Master Fingerprints’ to Unlock Phones

The team managed to create so-called "DeepMasterPrints" that can fool a sensor without a sample of the real user's fingerprints.The post Researchers Create ‘Master Fingerprints’ to Unlock Phones appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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BlackBerry is buying Cylance for $1.4 billion to continue its push into cybersecurity

BlackBerry was best known for keyboard-totting smartphones, but their demise in recent years has seen the Canadia firm pivot towards enterprise services and in particular cybersecurity. That strategy takes a big step further forward today after BlackBerry announced the acquisition of AI-based cybersecurity company Cylance for a cool $1.4 billion.Business Insider reported that a deal was close last week, and that has proven true with BlackBerry paying the full amount in cash up front. The deal is set to close before February 2019 — the end of BlackBerry’s current financial year — and it will see Cylance operate as a separate business unit within BlackBerry’s business.Business Insider’s report suggested Cylance was preparing to go public until BlackBerry swooped in. That suggests BlackBerry wanted Cylance pretty badly, badly enough to part with a large chunk of the $2.4 billion cash pile that it was sitting on prior to today.Cylane was founded in 2015 by former McAfee/Intel duo Stuart M…

Musca is the winner of TechCrunch Battlefield Tokyo 2018

TechCrunch is in the heart of Japan and we’ve been hearing from some of Tokyo’s brightest entrepreneurs competing to win the Battlefield startup competition here. We’ve whittled down the group of 20 startups that have presented onstage for our judges, and we’re proud to announce the winner of TechCrunch Tokyo 2018.The winner isMusca!The startup is looking to leverage the simple housefly as a solution to the global food crisis, helping curve starvation by creating high-quality organic fertilizer and animal feed in a manner that’s much quicker than existing methods. The company’s secret weapon is a breed of flies that the company claims is more resilient and more effective. The larva help break down and dry out animal excrement which is used as high-grade fertilizer while the larva are used as feed for birds and fish. This process takes just a week, compared to the 2-3 months other solutions take.Musca was selected after impressing our expert judges in their first round of presentation …

Facebook has other ties to Definers, the GOP-led opposition research group

In the wake of a fairly catastrophic behind the scenes glimpse into Facebook’s high-level decision making, one question remains: Who brought a controversial Republican opposition research firm into the fold?In a long call with reporters on Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg denied any knowledge of his company’s own dealings with Definers Public Affairs, the firm in question. Definers Public Affairs is “an outfit of elite GOP operatives” specializing in opposition research — a cutthroat dark art that’s the norm in politics but anomalous in virtue-conscious Silicon Valley.Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook’s work with GOP opposition research firm Founded by a Republican campaign manager lauded for his dirt-digging prowess, Definers is far from a normal, politically neutral contractor. For one, the company shares staff and office space with America Rising, its oppo research-focused PAC, as well as a right-leaning news aggregator called NTK Network that surfaces stories placed by the company’s…