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Anime is a word derived from animation. In 1960, the first anime was shown on television made by Japanese. By the passage of time it becoming popular not only in Japan but also in western countries. After Japan, the anime industry is also growing in America.

Now the audience is coming from all over the world to watch anime. And it is true that the anime fans are increasing day by day and if you are also from one of the fans and want to watch the anime online or want to get the latest update then you are at the right place. Here we discussed the top 10 anime streaming sites.

Anime Streaming Sites



If you are a fan of anime then you have already listened about this website. This website contains amazing features like it provides free online anime streaming to its users. Here you get various kinds of anime which include action, drama, romance e.t.c. This website also provides dubbed feature so you can watch the anime in your desired language. But it has one disadvantage that some users say that sometimes its ads disturb your computer screen. Otherwise, this website also contains a download feature.



It is most popular among anime streaming sites.It has many features. Like if you make an account on 9, it has a bookmark feature where you can make my anime list. And its user interface is better than other sites. But its bookmark feature made it different from other sites. So you can go and check this website. This website contains little ads, therefore, anime fans are using this website to watch anime. But it has one disadvantage that this website lack download option.



Here is another website from the anime streaming sites by America. It is not a free site but you have to pay for its membership. By buying its membership you can get access to anime streaming. The most loving feature is that this website is user friendly. This website also provides you free access for 14 days to test its premium features but after 14 days you have to pay for it. It has some restriction as it is not available in all countries but it is not a serious problem because you can get access to this site by using a VPN. You can also watch other live action television shows on this site.



If you are a fan of anime and you are looking for the best anime streaming sites where you can watch your favorite movies for free, so this website is for you because here you can watch free online anime stream and from this website, you can also download your favorite series. Its update speed is quite good than other websites, therefore, most people recommend it. It gives you excellent content and the buffering is quite less.


5. AnimeStreams

Here is another site where you can watch anime online for free. It also provides you dubbed anime, therefore, you can watch in your desired language. Its search option is very good because you can easily find your favorite content by using its filter options. As you can see by visiting this website that there is a category for the newest anime, most viewed. most rated and favorite anime. So it is quite easy for the user.



If you are annoyed of ads on the anime streaming sites and want some type of site which contains fewer ads then this site is good for you. Because here its hompage is simple and free of ads unlike the other sites contain ads that disturb its users. Here you can get the latest episode and also the dubbed one. This website is free for use but it has one disadvantage that you cannot download the episodes.



This website is very good for anime as it has many features. You can get to know the trending amine on this website which is mentioned on the hompage. You can also watch the latest, popular anime by clicking on the slidebar. You can search the amine by its genre. Here is another feature that this website provides its visitors that is anime list from a to z. The most important feature that this website provides you is the chat section from where you can chat with others.



It is the website where you can watch your favorite episode and download it. Like above mentioned from this site you can also search anime by genres. You can watch the latest anime. This website contains a wide range of collection of anime so you can go through your favorite anime. There is also a request section on this website from which you can request your favorite anime if you do not find it on website. But this website contains many ads many time when you click on the thumbnail you will be redirected to an ad which opens in a new tab that is the disadvantage of this site.


9. kissanime

If you want to download your favorite anime then kissanime is one of the best anime streaming sites. You have to register first. Then you can watch and download the anime. The dubbed anime is also available. You can request your favorite anime and also other features are available on this site.



Now the interface of this website improves a lot as compared to the past. You can see the latest episodes and search for your favorite one. You can also search for anime by genre. Read manga feature is available. The chat section is also available. So you can check it.



In this article, I have described the top 10 anime streaming sites and I think that the above-mentioned sites are enough to watch online anime stream. If you have any problem regarding opening any of the sites above mentioned then you can use a VPN.  If you have any suggestions or any queries then comment below we will reply to you.

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