10 Best Streaming Software in 2019


The demand for video content is on a continuous rise and 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. Live streaming has become an important aspect of communication between internet users worldwide. 

With so much Online Training Programs and Courses, Gamers want to share their experiences on youtube, the need for streaming software is at an all-time high. Content creators have sorted out the streaming software solutions for themselves according to their needs and budget. 

Streaming Software allows you to broadcast the video captured from Gaming Consoles or Personal Computer. You can use these videos to publish content on Social Platforms like Facebook and Youtube. We have covered for you 5 Best Streaming Software in 2019 that will cover all your needs.

1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)


Open Broadcaster Software is the best streaming solution available for free. It is an open-source software which means companies can hire a developer to modify this software according to their custom needs. OBS is available for Windows, Linux, and MAC with regular updated provided by the contributors. 

Videos after being captured can be readily uploaded to the streaming websites. You can monitor multiple scenes simultaneously with MultiView Feature. Users can stream directly to Facebook, Youtube and engage with their audiences and customers. One of the best things is that you can broadcast directly to different platforms at one time.  Whether you want to do screen recording, audio recording or video streaming, OBS is the best solution available at zero price. 

2. Streamlabs OBS


Streamlabs OBS has a more user-friendly interface than the previous version. This streaming software is more targeted towards beginners who are just trying to explore the features. There is a minute difference between the usefulness of these two software. Still, many believe that OBS is reliable and Streamlabs OBS is easier to use. 

3. VidBlaster


VidBlaster streaming software is what most professionals prefer to use. This is a powerful and flexible video production tool and streams it directly through the internet. This can be configured for multiple cameras and recording screens to capture the videos. Multiple sources of video can be streamlined on one screen output locally or to a remote location. 

VidBlaster contains powerful in-built video effects to make the video streaming look amazing. You can add amazing overlays and lower thirds to create amazing streaming videos. Live streaming can be done directly to Facebook and Youtube through VidBlaster.

4. vMix


vMix is a fair priced streaming software designed for professionals. It just takes only a few clicks to start streaming a video through vMIx and engage with your audience. This is one of the premier streaming solutions and has some minimum System Requirements to be able to work properly. 

There are tens of Built-In templates so you customize your live streaming. vMix Call, Instant Replay are great features while the output can be produced externally or virtually. The resolutions, inputs, overlay channels tend to increase in quality with the price you are ready to pay. Pro vMix is available for $1200 which makes it one of the better but expensive streaming software. 

5. LightStream


If you don’t want to overburden your Console System with heavy streaming software, then opt for LightStream. It is a cloud-based streaming solution available for free which you can use without even performing a download. This is best suited for live streaming to Social Media Channels. 

Lightstream automatically optimizes the PC settings to start monitoring the screens. There are paid Add-On available to the free version to update the streaming features. One of the best features available for free is the Mobile Remote Feature. This means you can control the stream processes through the mobile phone quite easily. 

6. Wirecast


Wirecast has two versions available, Studio and Pro both coming at a certain price. This streaming software is a complete solution for professionals and makes streaming communication a lot easier. Wirecast contains unlimited customization features so that you can create a strong brand impression. 

Whether you want to hold a streaming conference remotely, share animated presentations, Wirecast presents you endless opportunities to capture and encode. The Pro version features ISO Recording with High Resolution, Virtual Sets in 3D, instant replays, and accommodate many more guests on the streaming server. It works perfectly on Mac and Windows Operating System providing the highest quality possible. 

7. XSplit Broadcaster


If you want to broadcast live recording of your game then XSPlit Broadcaster is the go-to solution. Broadcaster allows you to highly customize your video streaming having the option of some amazing overlays and resolution settings. 

XSplit broadcaster keeps us all the streaming statistics to help you analyze how did it all go. This is a better streaming solution when you have to integrate with third-party plugins. Limited features are available for free to be used by gamers and they can explore themselves without any cost. 

8. XSplit Gamecaster


XSplit Gamecaster shares similar features like the Broadcaster version. It is also available for free for streaming purposes. Gamecaster allows you to stream directly to Facebook, Youtube, and other Social Channels. 

Gamecaster automates the streaming process beautifully after the installation process. Gamers only need to ensure they have configured the card correctly for capturing the gameplay. Both these XSplit streaming software versions are available on Windows only. They don’t support Mac or Linux.

9. Shadowplay


Shadowplay is a gaming streaming software designed by Nvidia. You can record and instantly live stream the video to your friends. It has the capacity to broadcast really high-quality videos and mesmerize the audience. If you did a great move during gameplay, you can instantly replay and record for sharing with your friends. 

Nvidia Shadowplay is a highly effective tool and lets you create screenshots and GIFs to make your content look amazing. A great high-quality streaming software solution for game lovers who love to share videos with each other. 

10. StreamPro


StreamPro is an easy to use streaming software great for broadcasting and video conferencing. You can customize the streaming process according to your needs and try to engage the audience with alerts, chats, and donations. It is an interactive streaming solution and engagement with followers is quite easy with StreamPro. 

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